Frequently Asked Questions About Testing


What is a neuropsychological/psychological evaluation? 

Each person seeks treatment for circumstances unique to them, but these evaluations are generally meant to yield an assessment of thinking, reasoning, and cognitive functioning, all while maintaining in context your specific personal developmental and psychological history. Depending on your symptoms, Dr. Dudzek may also be evaluating for specific neurological functioning.

How long will it take? 

We understand our patients generally need their assessments as quickly as possible, however, our assessments are specialized and tailored specifically for you. Our neuropsychologist takes great care to integrate all the pieces of data collected into her assessment but this requires several hours of testing, many inventories, and several hours of analysis by Dr. Dudzek as she writes the report. To speed up this process, Dr. Dudzek will give you verbal feedback shortly after you complete testing and inventories but before the report has been written. You will receive your report in the mail several weeks later.

Initial Appointment

What is an Intake Appointment? 

This is the first time you meet our neuropsychologist, Dr. Dudzek. Here you will share why you are interested in an evaluation, what symptoms you're experiencing, and give a brief history. This will be when she decides what tests she needs in order to complete the assessment.

Does the intake appointment have to be in person? 

Generally, Dr. Dudzek is able to accommodate requests for virtual intakes. She does not usually perform testing during the intake so her virtual requirements are less stringent than those required by the psychometrist. For a virtual appointment, you will need a camera-enabled device that connects to high-quality internet and a quiet place to complete a 1-hour appointment.

Is there anything I should bring to the intake? 

If it is your child being assessed, both parent and child should attend. If you've had previous testing (ex: school psychologist, IQ testing, another neuropsychologist, autism testing, etc.) bring that documentation If you want Dr. Dudzek to speak to someone about the results or consult with someone about behaviors, you will need to sign a release of information so bring the name of those people.

Psychometric Testing

Does testing have to be in person? 

Some of our testing can be completed completely virtually, provided you have appropriate virtual accommodations (see below). Most of our testing can only be completed in person due to the nature of the test, such as tests that require objects to be moved, stacked, or sorted. Or testing that requires writing on specialized forms. *Speak to Dr. Dudzek if you are specifically interested in only virtual testing to see if your testing can be modified to fit that request.

Mornings don't work for me to do psychometric testing-- can we do afternoon testing?

We want to get the best possible snapshot of your cognitive functioning during testing. During the day, your mental energy is used up with daily tasks. This would impact our ability to see your peak functioning. For children, it is especially important that they not go to school before testing, as learning is a cognitive function that will directly impact mental stamina. We know mornings can be difficult, however, please remember this is only a few days and is ultimately an effort to make things easier for you in the long run.


What is a feedback session? 

Once you complete your intake, testing, and inventories, the data is compiled by the psychometrist then given to Dr. Dudzek who will analyze it and give you a 1-hour verbal feedback session of her findings. This is when she will explain her diagnosis, her recommendations, and it's a good time for you to ask any questions you may have.