Neurological & Psychological Evaluations

 To be completed by referral source (i.e. primary care physician, mental health counselor, psychiatrist, social worker, school, or self if self pay.

Each person seeks treatment for circumstances unique to them, but these evaluations are generally meant to yield an assessment of thinking, reasoning, and cognitive functioning, all while maintaining in context your specific personal, developmental, and psychological history. Depending on your symptoms, Dr. Dudzek may also evaluate for specific neurological functioning. While neuropsychological/psychological evaluations are a long process that often can take months, they are a valuable diagnostic tool for those individuals who need a more in-depth analysis of their situation. Read below to learn if a comprehensive evaluation is right for you. 

When is neuropsychological evaluation appropriate?

For children and adolescents



What can neuropsychological evaluation provide?

When is a psychological evaluation appropriate?

What can a psychological evaluation provide?

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